One Lane Away…

Hi everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited for my third poetry post. This one is actually from a few weeks ago (much newer than my last two posts).  I hope you guys like it!

I wrote this about some of my close friendships. I’ve been very lucky to meet some kind, smart and wonderful people and very fortunate to call them my friends. Initially we were inseparable. We created so many amazing memories together that we couldn’t fathom not being friends. But life took us in different directions and we grew apart. Although its hard to let go sometimes, I realized that even when I’m not as close to my friends, we will still always be there for each other.


When I met you

It was like breathing air

So easy and natural

Being anywhere else

Simply didn’t compare


I was blinded by your light

So strong, it drew me in

I’d never seen anything so bright

For the first time, I felt something within


We spent every spare moment together

Didn’t need the company of any other

We could get through anything

Everything the world would bring


Slowly, our narrow paths grew even wider

Still we fought against the rising dividers

We refused to let go,

Refused to change,

Refused to let the bricks fall

The ones we had so beautifully arranged.


But still our differences yanked us apart

We loosened our fingers

For we knew it was time

We knew in our hearts


We walked down our separate roads

Struggling to keep the demons at bay

I closed my eyes and remembered

You were only one lane away.

– Tanvi V. Dalvi – 12/10/20


If you missed my first two poems, be sure to check them out (linked below), I would love to hear your thoughts.

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*Also, I noticed that my poems are spaced very strangely. I tried using the [verse] feature, but that changes the font and adds a scroll bar (horizontally). Please let me know in the comments, if you know how to fix it!*

Thank you guys for stopping by, see you next Friday! 🙂

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