Another QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY… Let’s Roll With It!


Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! This week it was my brother’s 15th birthday, also his second birthday during the pandemic. Last year, since he couldn’t meet with his friends, we had an indoor, family scavenger hunt, which he enjoyed very much.

Fortunately, a lot has changed over one year, especially with COVID-19 vaccines. This year, my brother decided to have a backyard-celebration. Everyone had been vaccinated, they sat spaced apart, and masks were kept on for safety. Even though this was so different from a typical picture of a birthday party someone would imagine two years ago, it is still several steps forward since the beginning of the pandemic. My brother was super excited to see his friends in person, and my parents and I were really happy to be planning a gathering after so many months.

Let’s get started with the party planning! 🎊🎊🎊

First things first… creating invites!

Since my brother’s actual birthday was on a school day, we decided to have his party on the following weekend. The first order of business after deciding the date and time, was creating invitations. I love all kinds of creative tasks, so I offered to make them.

Since my brother’s favorite colors are green and blue, those were the main colors in my drafts. I made five options, so that my brother could choose which one he liked best. When I finished all the drafts, I asked my family for their thoughts, and we were 2-2 on the second and third options. Since my brother liked the third one best, that’s the one we used as the final invite. We sent them out virtually a week before the party.


Next up… planning, buying supplies & setting the stage!

For food, we decided to go with what we typically did for birthday parties before: pizza, chips, soda and cupcakes. We picked cupcakes instead of regular cake since we didn’t want to blow out candles. Plus it’s easier to pass around cupcakes than cutting pieces from one big cake. Another pro, was getting different flavors, instead of just one. Since we had quite a few people, we picked up thirty medium-sized cupcakes, so everybody could have at least two and there would be some extras.

On Vihan’s actual birthday though, my mom and I got him a chocolate cake. Since the bakery was closed, we bought some white icing and decorated the cake ourselves. It was more difficult than I thought, but I think it added a great personal touch. After writing on the cake we let it chill in the fridge for about an hour.

At the grocery store, along with cupcakes, we also picked up some soda. We wanted to keep everything separate, so we got small 7.5 oz. cans instead of big bottles. We got cokes, sprites, and fantas, so that there was something for everybody. Since the party was in the yard, we just used some icepacks to keep the drinks cold. For chips, we picked up a 28-pack box with lots of variety, it was the perfect size. Lastly, when we got home we ordered pizza. Since half the people were vegetarians, we got three veggie pizzas, and for the other half, we got chicken and peperoni.

A couple weeks before the party, I also ordered an among-us themed banner, and some key chains for party favors from Amazon.

Part 3: Party time!

For his birthday, I decided to make an among us themed card to match his present and party theme. I also had some cute bows and washi tape in my craft supplies, so I used those to wrap and decorate.


πŸŽ‚ Question of the Day: What would be your ideal birthday plan? πŸŽ‚

🌈 Thank you guys so much for reading. See you all next Friday with another post. Check out my upcoming projects and posts on Instagram: @tanvibytes! 🌈


13 thoughts on “Another QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY… Let’s Roll With It!

  1. Woww! Looks amazing Tanvi! Happy birthday to him!
    Well, my birthday is also coming up and ANOTHER quarantine birthdayπŸ™„
    But, I guess it will be fun. By the way, do check out some of my recent baking blog posts as well❀️❀️

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