What ISBN Reading: July 2021 Edition ~ 5 Reasons WHY.


Hey guys, welcome or welcome back to my blog!

A week and a half ago, I submitted my last online exam, which marked the end of school and the beginning of a fun summer. The first couple days, I binge-watched Netflix movies, cooked, and took lots and lots of naps. But after that, once I was all caught up with my sleep, I found myself with a lot of free time. So… I decided to checkout a bunch of library books! If you guys have been on my blog site, you know I love to read. Unfortunately over the last few weeks, I was super busy with my final term, and didn’t have the time or energy to start a book. Because once I start reading a good book, I just can’t put it down.

With my all my free time this summer, it was the perfect opportunity to read as many books as I could! I picked out books that I had heard about, people had recommended to me and just books from authors I like. I really enjoyed the first three books I read, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

Instead of a typical book review, I’m going to be doing a speedy “5 Reasons Why” round, where I share my favorite parts about each of the three books, and why you guys might want to try reading them too. Without further ado, let’s get started:

***SPOILER ALERT: Some of these points may contain spoilers.***

PROOF OF FOREVER by Lexa Hillyer

“Everyone around her—everyone on earth, in fact—is constantly pursuing his or her own separate journey through life, going mostly unnoticed. She’s just one of infinite possibilities and realities. She plays a minor, passing role in Uma’s life—if that.”

  1. Message. The story is about four teenage girls who unintentionally go back in time, to when they used to be best friends. Unlike most time travel books & movies, where you can’t change what you do (because of the butterfly effect and all), I liked how in this book the girls took action, and decided to change the future. After all their future was in their hands.
  2. Ups & Downs. I loved how even though this book was about friendship, it wasn’t unrealistic. It showed friends who grew apart, had arguments, or didn’t understand each other. And sometimes they could work through it, other times they couldn’t.
  3. Growth. At the beginning, I found most of the girls to be super annoying, but as they book progressed, they changed so much. By the end, I was rooting for them.
  4. Plot Twist. The entire time throughout the book, I kept wondering why Joy abandoned her friends, and what could possibly make her want to stay in the past. The ending (although it was sad) did not disappoint.
  5. Depth. Even though the main premise of the book is friendship, the characters as individuals all had depth. Each of them had unique personalities, and struggled with problems that many teens actually face today, like sexuality, identity, trust, etc.


“And if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have. Good and bad.”

  1. Writing Style. This book was written as a series of letters being sent over time from Charlie (the main character) to an unnamed recipient. He started every letter with “Dear Friend”, and this made it feel like the letters were being sent to the reader. It felt like receiving a letter from a pen pal.
  2. Relatable. Charlie writes his letters when he starts highschool, and as a reader, I could relate to him. I’m not talking about the horrible thing that was revealed in the end. I am talking about his confusion, curiosity, and shyness as he grows in highschool, makes friends, and discovers what it’s like to fit in.
  3. Comforting. Because of how relatable the letters are, and the format of the book being letters, overall, I just felt comfortable. It was like a personal, intimate conversation with a friend in school.
  4. Thought Provoking. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” This book has some of the most intriguing quotes I’ve seen, and it got my mind rolling so many times. For a boy in his first year of highschool, Charlie is amazingly observant and mature. I loved reading his takes on so many things that I never gave a second thought.
  5. Innocent & Pure. This one is about Charlie. Even though the book was very relatable, Charlie was one of a kind. The first thing I noticed when I cracked the book open was how naïve he was, there was so much Charlie didn’t know about the world. But at the same time, he knew so much that other people around him didn’t.

ELEANOR & PARK by Rainbow Rowell

“She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

  1. Emotional Rollercoaster. From the moment Park sees Eleanor on the school bus to the moment he has to let her go, I felt almost every emotion. Embarrassment, anticipation, excitement, hopelessness, fear, sadness, and happiness. All of these emotions combined with the plot really set this book apart from other teen romances.
  2. Realistic. When I first finished the book, I was frustrated there wasn’t more, that I didn’t know what happened to Eleanor and Park. But if the ending had been any different, it wouldn’t fit with the style of the book. The ending was dismal, but it was realistic in the sense that sometimes you don’t know what will happen. All you can do is hope.
  3. Points of View. This book alternated between Eleanor’s point of view and Park’s point of view. I thought that both parts were told exceptionally well; both of their personalities really came through. It was also fascinating to see two peoples thoughts on the same events, and to see a love story unfolding from two perspectives rather than just guessing what the other person was thinking.
  4. Character. In many love stories, I’ve seen one character describe the other as beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, handsome, confident, etc. when they first meet. It was refreshing to see characters that were genuinely like actual teenagers– with their physical appearance and attitudes.
  5. It’s Not Just a Love Story. Although the book is about two teenagers who eventually fall in love, it is also so much more than that. There are many other interesting topics (even some that are serious) that the book covers, like bullying, abuse, sibling rivalry, and self-image.


This post was so much fun for me to write! I’ve been blogging for almost 9 months now, I can’t believe I’ve never done a post about what I’m reading. It was fun to spend some more time in the book world to reflect on what I read and share my thoughts with all of you guys! Let me know in the comments if you guys would like to see more posts about what I’m reading.

🥳 Questions of the Day: Have you guys read any of these books? What are your thoughts on them? I’m currently finishing up the American Royals series by Katherine McGee and The Cousins by Karen M. McManus. Do you guys have any recommendations for what I should read next? 🥳

I’m thinking of writing a Q&A blog post in the next few weeks, and I would love it if you guys could submit your questions in the comments below!

Thank you guys so much for reading, see you next Friday with another post!

4 thoughts on “What ISBN Reading: July 2021 Edition ~ 5 Reasons WHY.

  1. Eleanor and Park was such an emotional rollercoaster. I read it a few years back.
    Recommendations – The Guest List by Lucy Foley, Circe by Madeline Miller, The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee, A Thousand Ships by Natalie Hayes and many others which you can find on my blog. 😛

    Q&A – Favourite recent show that you binged watched?
    One book that you are embarrassed to admit that you loved reading?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it’s the reason I couldn’t put the book down XD.
      Oooh, I’ve heard of some of these, I’ll definitely give them a try! 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for the questions, the Q&A will be so interesting haha


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