What ISBN Reading: August 2021 Edition ~ 3 Adventure-Filled YA Books in August!

Hey guys, welcome or welcome back to my blog! It’s almost the end of August, and I’m torn between excitement for the new school year and disappointment that it’s almost the end of summer. I can’t believe that summer came and went so fast!

Since my last school year was so busy, I had been reading less and less. So my goal for the summer was to read at least one book a week. After my final tally this week, I was glad to see that I had read more. Since, this is my last post for August, I wanted to share my thoughts on my three favorite books I read this month (which all happen to be young adult books). Let’s dive in:

*spoiler alert*


I kept seeing this book in my recommendations, so I finally decided to give it a try and I was really glad I did. It was unlike anything I’ve read before.

Last year was a really important year in school, and I was constantly swarmed with a list of things I needed to get done. I remember telling my mom that I couldn’t wait until the year was over. When she heard me say that, she told me that even when this year was over, I’d have more years of school, or college, and then a job, and there would always be something else that would keep me busy. She told me that my work or tasks shouldn’t keep me from having fun or relaxing once in a while. I remember wondering that day what it would be like to know exactly how long I would live… so that I could plan out how many years I would work, how many years I would have fun and relax– and just how I would live out my life in general.

A few months later when I read this book, I was surprised to see that it showed me exactly that. The book alternates between the perspectives of two boys, Mateo and Rufus. They both find out that they will be dead within 24 hours. They meet through an app, and become last friends (or keep each other company until one of them dies). Throughout the story, as I saw more and more of each character’s thoughts– their acceptance, grief, love, fear — I found myself wishing for a twist, or a loophole to save them. I think the best and worst part of this book is that there is no loophole, the ending is exactly what the title promises, but still as a reader I had to have hope. Overall, I thought this book had a really unique concept, it followed through till the end and made me reconsider my previous thoughts.

THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR Series by Katherine McGee

Last month, I read the American Royals books, and I loved them so much! I enjoyed the four perspectives and the unexpected twists and turns. Before going on vacation a few weeks ago, I was on the lookout for a good book or two. when I learned that Katherine McGee has also written a trilogy, I had to check it out. I was excited when I read a blurb about this book taking place many years in the future, a time with weather control, endlessly high towers, and contact lenses that can do it all.

A few chapters into the first book, and I was hooked. I thought it was written so well, I had to keep finding out what happened next. I did see a consistent underlying theme between this series and American royals. Both of them are include some perspectives of rich people, and them some from poorer people. And reading both of them together really makes the audience see the crazy stuff that is considered normal when you have money and the unfortunate, difficult barriers you face when you don’t. Obviously both series are works of fiction, but I still found it interesting that they were both exploring the same concepts.

Overall, I thought this was the perfect series to take with me on vacation. It had drama, mystery, changing characters, and was full of unpredictable moments. I’m currently starting the third book, and I can’t wait to reach the end!

FOUR DAYS OF YOU AND ME by Miranda Keneally

I read this book a few weeks ago, and I thought that the idea was interesting. It’s a highschool romance story about a girl named Lulu and a boy named Alex. It’s about Lulu and Alex’s story over four years of high school. But instead of focusing on the relationship the whole time, Miranda Keneally writes about the school field trips, and skips over the year. I really liked this way of writing, since each time, I wondered what happened in between. This was also another captivating book, but unlike the first two, I didn’t think it was very unique. I’ve seen many similar books before.

That being said, for what the book is– a lighthearted young adult romance– it’s a very good one. Many of the things that the characters struggle with, are issues I think many teenagers face in real life: like identity, friendships, relationships and making important decisions about their future. I especially related to the last part, where Lulu has to make important decisions about the future.


Thank you guys for reading! I’ll see you all next Friday with a very special post… since it will have been one year since I started this blog!

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