Ear-Resistible Earrings | ep. 1: Sparkling Blues

Hello Everybody, welcome or welcome back to my blog. I am very excited today for this post, as it is the first episode of Ear-Resistible Earrings (a series I’m doing on this blog)! A few days ago, I bought some wire and an assortment of sparkly beads. I sketched out a few ideas, and came up with a design I liked. A few hours of wire-wrapping later, I had a finished pair of earrings! These really remind me of R2-D2 for some reason… I think it may be because of the color scheme.

What will you need?

  • 2 gold teardrop earrings (hoops can work too)
  • 2 gold fishhooks
  • 24 small gold beads, 24 medium sized gold beads, 2 large square shaped beads, 20 medium sized white beads, 16 medium sized blue beads (another color would work too)
  • gold wire, about 20 cm
  • pliers, I used one to cut, but scissors will work too. The other type I recommend are: Needle Nose… these are great for twisting the wire securely.

How? + Tips!

  • I found it motivating to do one layer on both earrings, instead of finishing one entirely before starting the other. This way I didn’t have to remember wire measurements or number of beads.
  • I recommend starting with a larger bead (e.g. square bead) so that the next layers can be longer and it’s easier to work on.
  • In general, this design was very time consuming– so I recommend sketching or making a plan before actually starting the project.

Fun Facts?

While I was doing some research, I came across some amazing facts about the history of beads. I included the most fascinating ones below! 😃

🧿 Along with jewelry, beads have also been used for trade, as currency, and as art!

🧿 Beads dating from 38,000 BC were discovered in France. They were grooved animal teeth and bones. It was most probably during the time homo sapiens started living more complex lives and replaced Neanderthals.

🧿 Egyptian bead makers worked under kings or priests, they created beautiful jewelry which was to be worn to express status.

If you’d like to know more, here is the link where I found the information! 


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📃 Question of the Day: If you could have any car you wanted for the next one year, which one would you choose? 📃

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! See you all next Friday, with the next episode (episode 2) of the Ear-Resistible Earrings Series! As always you can see sneak peaks of my upcoming blog posts by following me on Instagram at @tanvibytes.

One thought on “Ear-Resistible Earrings | ep. 1: Sparkling Blues

  1. You’ve got an eye for making really pretty earrings!!

    Answer to your question – none 🙈
    I’d get a cycle. I’m hoping to pick up cycling and cycle to my office everyday by the end of the year (15kms). Here’s hoping.


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