Ear-Resistible Earrings | ep. 2: Shimmering Crystals

Hello Everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m back with the 2nd episode of Ear-Resistible Earrings, a jewelry crafting series I am doing on my blog. Last week, on episode 1, I worked with some sparkly blue beads. Today, I wanted to try something completely different, so I bought some crystals. These crystals had pre-made holes in them, so they were pretty easy to make jewelry with.

What will you need?

  • 2 gold rings, needs to have a connector
  • 2 gold fishhooks
  • 12 small gold beads
  • 12 crystals, I used: 4 purples, 2 pinks, 2 blues, and 2 coppers, 2 clears
  • gold wire, about 20 cm
  • pliers, I used one to cut, but scissors will work too. The other type I recommend are: Needle Nose… these are great for twisting the wire securely.

How? + Tips!

  • I started by planning out my design. Since the earrings will face opposite directions when I put them on, they had to look like mirror images of each other.
  • I took a picture of my design so that, incase my design got mixed up, I’d still have a reference to work from.
  • Once this was done, I started sliding the beads and crystals along the rings. I repeated it on the other ring as well.
  • Finally, using the pliers, I attached the hooks to the rings. On the clasp, there were two holes, so I attached them on the upper hole.
  • For the lower hole, I decided to wrap some wire around the upper half of a clear crystal, and string it through. This way it hung, and filled up the space between the hoops.

Fun Facts!

While I was doing some research on crystals and crystal jewelry, I came across a few interesting facts about their history. I included my favorites below: 😀

🔮 The word crystal comes from a Greek word, Krystallos. Krystallos is a mythical place where the Olympian Gods resided.

🔮 Crystals have been worn as jewelry since about 2.5 million years ago. Both men and women wore crystal jewelry as talismans, to protect themselves.

🔮 Cleopatra and other royal ladies of Egypt wore crystals like Lapis Lazuli because they believed in crystal healing.

If you’d like to know more, here are the links where I found the information! There is a ton of more fascinating information. [crystal jewelry] [history of crystals + healing]


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♣️ Question of the Day: If you had to spend a week on a deserted island, what are five things you would bring with you? ♣️

♠️ I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! See you all next Friday with another blog post! As always you can see sneak peaks of my upcoming blog posts by following me on Instagram at @tanvibytes. â™ ï¸

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