12/23/20: My brother was working on a project, where he was supposed to create a proposal for an app. One part of the project was to make a cover. I was really interested in his project, so I decided to doodle some ideas for the cover, this was one of my favorites.
12/22/20: Since my winter break started and I have more time on my hands, I decided to get back to drawing. I’ve been into drawing leaves and flowers, so I tried a doodle with my name.
12/21/20: I decided to doodle with some roses and leaves. I made an album cover for my art highlight on Instagram.
8/6/20: I had been scrolling through Pinterest for about 20 minutes, and I was very inspired by some pictures of ballerinas. So, I tried to sketch one of the pictures I saw. My favorite part was drawing the hair.
This was one of my first paintings in sixth grade. I spent minimal time drawing and a few hours painting. This is when I learned that black was a difficult color to work with.
October 2017: My school district has a reflections event every year, and this year it was my first time submitting a visual entry! Since the theme was “Within Reach”, I decided to make my piece about world peace! Here is my artist statement: If we work together, then we can have peace in the world and live happily together. All the diverse cultures together makes something beautiful, like a rainbow, if any one culture is abandoned, the world cannot function. The world is much more colorful when everybody is together. World peace is within our reach.

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